Thursday, September 6, 2007

Room with a Vudu!

In my mind, I want to watch "The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie", but in my heart I just want to watch Top Chef re-runs. As a result, the Net-flix issued DVD of Bunuel's masterpiece has been sitting on top of my stereo speaker for an embarrassing 5 months. I need to shed this guilt and buy a box that delivers movies I want to see, when I want and where I want. Natch. A mere $399 to assuage a writhing intellectual conscience!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Hearts and Memory

Philips and Swarovski have partnered up to produce a line of stylish tech pieces, called "Active Crystals" that appeal to the more "refined" tastes of women. I don't know if sparkly flash drives will grab the attention of every gal, but it made my eyes twinkle with envy! Slated for an August 2007 release date, rumor has it that this gorgeous gadget is only available in France on a limited basis this month. The way I see it, a bottle of Cristal offers a few hours of bubbles and buzz at a price of $200-350, and this piece of crystal will be tagged at around the same and last a digital lifetime! Who is ready to get their USB-ling on?

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Nabaztag Opera (English subtitled)

Hardly breaking news, but a Nabaztag Opera was organized in France at Centre Pompidou! The sight of seeing all of these wi-fi wabbits is too adorable. Of course, there is a deeper meaning behind the collective art piece, one that explores the longing for community and the way technology can facilitate and hinder connections.

Flopsy, Mopsy and Nabaztag?

Instead of old-school sosumi sounds and soul-numbing Outlook lists, get your calendar reminders, emails and RSS notices relayed through-- a bunny. Nabaztag is no droopy, Velveteen stuffed relic, but an amped-up digital dispatcher with 2-ears, signaling customized alerts through movement, sound, and flashes of colored light. This wired hare harbingers news from cyberland and beyond. Has your stock pick hit an all time high? Screening that IM from your Ex-BF? Nabaztag lights up its belly, waves its precious ears upon incoming digital data and programmed deadlines that can be accessed through your desktop. Nabby can even read the weather report! With its clean and innocent design, yet cheeky functionality, Nabaztag appeals to all--the ultimate pet in today's information age. No need to train lazy Fido to fetch the Times, when you have Nabaztag!